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Green Themes

    The Pirate Ship

    This ship was built from flotsam and jetsom washed up on Hout bay beach and collected over a few months. Superficially it evokes the adventure and romanticism of the days of sail and discovery, and the quest for exotic places and products. Symbolically it contains items that represent the dark side  of trade and the consequences of reducing life forms to commodities.

    Trade was traditionally something one did to ones enemies, which is why the quest for profit seemingly justified any atrocity. The wood is mostly waste from the fishing fleet and includes many tropical hardwood species – a typical warship from the 16th century required 16 hectares of oak trees, no mystery where the forests have gone. Hout bay’s forests disappeared for similar reasons.

    The netting is from the fishing boats and highlights  the continued overexploitation  of our seas. The fishing industry started here as a trade commodity for sugar from Mauritius and has decimated the marine environment. The shotgun shell ‘guns’ are used for clay pigeon shoots and to kill seals that raid the nets of the latest catch. The whole symbolic inventory is too long to include here, for the whole story, contact me directly.

    written by D Barnard