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Green Themes

    Danny offers a variety of artistic services relating to the environment in general and gardens in particular. From the microcosm-bonsai to the macrocosm landscape gardens, koi ponds, solar calendars, mystical and historical model castles, water features, texture gardens, garden sculpture, Japanese gardens, themed gardens, roof gardens, atriums and gardens that reflect ones culture or mythology.

    Inspired by nature Danny strives to inspire others to be likewise inspired thereby enabling each person to make a difference in their own way. Consider the “Pirate” ship, constructed from detritus washed up on a local beach, each part of which has a “story” in human and environmental terms, which shows how we waste “resources” which are life forms in their own right, and squander the birthright of all our descendants  by focusing on “facades” instead of the integrated holistic picture.

    So whether you need a birdbath or an ecologically harmonic estate you need look no further for inspiration or professional execution.

    There is no limit to Danny's creativity in what he can make if you would like further information please contact Danny

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